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Electric Shockwave Machine For Pain Relief - Boost Blood Circulation - Bone Repair

Electric Shockwave Machine For Pain Relief - Boost Blood Circulation - Bone Repair

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Muscular Pain Physical Therapy

Electric Shockwave Machine

For Pain Relief - Boost Blood Circulation - Bone Repair

This Treatment Machine is currently one of the most popular treatments that works on soft tissue injuries and osteoarthritis.

It targets fasciitis, tendon sheath inflammation, achilles tendinitis, keen joint inflammation, golfer’s elbow and so on.

It solves various muscle issues and joint pains. no injection, no medication, no operation, thus having no side-effects.

Shockwave is a type of acoustic conduction pressure wave. As a physical therapy method, it will not cause damage to the human body, and belongs to the minimally invasive treatments.

Shockwave can activate osteoblasts, promote angiogenesis, cell repair and regeneration, reduce chronic inflammation and relieve pain, etc.


  • Wide range of treatments and rapid and significant effects
  • Multiple working heads can be chosen to use on different parts of the body.
  • Shockwave pulverises fat cells, to a degree helping to lose fat
  • No injection
  • No side effects
  • No downtime.
  • The therapeutic effect of adaptation to the disease reaches up to 80%; It only works on the focus of the disease, without damaging normal tissues.

How it Works;

Shockwaves uses the sound wave energy produced by high pressure water explosion, which is reflected by the reflector and concentrated into a high-energy shockwave.

The energy of shockwave is about one thousand times that of ultrasound, which causes physical shock in the human body, stimulates the release of growth hormone, leading to microangiogenesis, achieves the functional shockwave of tissue regeneration and repair, and promotes metabolism and circulation.

Shockwave has analgesic and tissue repair functions, and has amazing curative effect on chronic pain caused by tendon, tendon diseases and unhealed bone fractures.

Physical Effects:

Shockwave mainly includes stress, cavitation, piezoelectric effect and analgesic effect.

Stress action: when the shockwave is transmitted to the diseased tissue, the stress action can be broken down into compressive and tensile stresses. The compressive stress is caused by the incident force when the shock wave enters the diseased tissue, while the tensile stress is caused by the reflection of the shock wave into the diseased tissue and the interface from the diseased tissue.

Cavitation effect: is caused by shockwave of sound waves, whose mechanism is: under the effect of sound waves to tensile stress, the liquid bursts and form large blisters or bubbles. When bubbles on the surface of the pressure drop rapidly, bubbles burst, resulting in a high speed liquid micro injection (liquid micro- jet), micro injection directly acts on the surface of the lesion. The impact force is an important cause of damage to the diseased tissue.

Piezoelectric effect: the piezoelectric effect of shockwave refers to that when the shockwave is transmitted to the bone tissue, it will increase the stress of the bone tissue. The asymmetric materials such as collagen and proteoglycan in the bone matrix will be deformed under the action of pressure, and the static positive and negative charges on the surface will be polarized, thus forming potential difference at both ends of the material and promoting bone formation. The effect on bone tissue is related to the energy of the shock wave. Studies have shown that high-energy shockwave can cause bone fractures, while low-energy shockwave can stimulate bone formation.

Analgesic effect: the analgesic effect of shock wave mainly has the following principles:

  • Since the extracorporeal shock wave exerts a strong force on human tissues, it can directly inhibit nerve peripheral cells, thus relieving pain;
  • Extracorporeal shock wave can change the frequency of pain acceptance by the injury receptors, thus relieving pain;
  • Extracorporeal shock wave inhibits the transmission of pain information by changing the composition of chemical media around the injury receptors;
  • Extracorporeal shock wave can cause local congestion, thereby promoting the regression of inflammation. After the shock wave acts on the body, it can promote the release of P substances, endorphins and other painkillers. Substance P can affect the transmission of pain, and endorphins can bind to morphine receptors in human cells to relieve pain.

Main Effects

  • Inhibit nerve endings and relieve pain.
  • Promote tissue regeneration and repair.
  • Improve frozen shoulders, tendon sheath inflammation, Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis.
  • Improve cervical and shoulder myofascial pain syndrome and pubic pain.
  • Improve chronic soft tissue diseases such as myotenositis of long head of biceps brachii and myofascial pain syndrome of neck and shoulder.
  • Improve knee osteoarthritis, golfer’s elbow and other osteoarthritis.
  • Reduce local obesity and fat accumulation.

Suitable for;

  • Sore limbs and muscles.
  • Knee join pain during walking and pain in the muscles around the knee joint.
  • Shoulder and cervical pain, pain of shoulder joint and muscles around.
  • Pain in the wrist, elbow and arm.
  • Pain in the heel and sole of the foot.
  • Pain in the lower back, spine or buttocks.
  • Local obesity and fat accumulation .

Not Suitable for;

  • Heart conditions or pacemakers
  • Cancer or cancer treatments.
  • Blood disorder.
  • Infection in the treatment area.
  • Infectious diseases
  • Acute joint conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Avoid during menstruation
  • Serious medical conditions will need a GP permission.


  • Drink more water after treatment to promote circulation and expel inflammatory substances.
  • Minimise movement
  • Rest more so that the treatment site can fully heal.
  • Redness may appear in the treated area after treatment, which will subside within half and hour.

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