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Prescription Electrical Facial by Carlton

Prescription Electrical Facial by Carlton

Per session

Prescription Electrical Facial by Carlton

The Carlton UltraPro Complex incorporates

six specific functions

High frequency, Facial Galvanic, Microcurrent, Face/Body Vacuum, Vacupulse and Brushing.

Recommended treatment areas

Face, Neck and Décolletage Double chin

Jaw line/Jowls

Under eye area


Nasal labial folds Marionette lines

Frown Lines/Crows Feet Cheeks

Electrical Facials, treats young and mature skin, muscles, facial lines, crepey and congested areas.

Depending on your own personal skin requirements, treatment can be layered together giving you your own ultimate facial treatment.

Galvanic - Desincrustation, a deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment, and Iontophoresis which propels concentrates and Serums deep into the skin.

High Frequency - Direct High Frequency, which helps to balance the sebaceous secretions of the skin and Indirect High Frequency, a stimulating treatment aimed at dull, lifeless and mature skins

Microcurrent – a treatment that repositions facial muscles for a toning tightening effect and also helps to tone and improve the skin condition in specific areas of the body. It can also be used to improve the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks.

Vacuum – a treatment that stimulates blood and lymph, improving tone and texture of the skin, reducing puffiness and plumping out fine lines. Working towards the lymph nodes helps with the removal of waste products.

It can also be used to break up hard fat.

Vacupulse – Pulsing Vacuum, a gentler application which is most commonly used on crepey mature skin.

Brushing – Adds a plus to cleansing processes giving a deeper cleanse and the added benefit of exfoliation. The brushes provided with the machine vary in coarseness and can be selected for use on the face or body

Electrical Facials have an accumulative effect, making the skin work more efficiently in the deeper layers so that the condition and appearance of the skin improves as the skin regenerates.

No Downtime

Achieves incredible results

One off treatment to improve skin condition

Course of treatments 6/8

Part of a weekly/fortnightly/monthly facial package.

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