Microsuction Ear Wax Cleaning Service

Microsuction Ear Wax Cleaning Service



A comfortable, quick and safe procedure to remove Earwax.

Our Ear Microsuction Earwax Clinic specialise in the approved advanced ear cleaning - earwax removal Microsuction treatments.

We offer ear micro-suction cleaning. This has proven over time to be the least invasive, safest and most effective treatment for moderate to severe build-ups of earwax.

Unlike syringing, micro-suction does not require extensive prior preparation and is carries a relatively low risk of potential complications.

Earwax removal using micro-suction involves using a specialised instrument to carefully extract earwax from the ear canal. Micro-suction is a gentle procedure that can be used on patients of all ages including those with ear conditions, narrow ear canals.

This method allows for greater control and efficiency in the removal of ear wax without the need for water or other fluids, which can result in infection and discomfort in some clients.

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