Semi Permanent Make-Up - SPMU

Semi Permanent Make-Up - SPMU

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Semi Permanent Make-up - SPMU

State of the art techniques using the leading brands with Purebeau Digital Technology


Eyebrows add shape to your face. Depending on your requirements we can help you to achieve the perfect brow. We specialise in a “natural brows” suitable for all our mature lady’s who want to keep it soft & natural.


Powder brows enhance brow definition, body, and shape by shading over top with precision. The effect can be soft, subtle, bold, or with an ombre effect.


Microblading recreates the look of individual hairs with a handheld tool that implants pigment under the skin, filling in gaps and creating a more natural look.


Combination brows include powder brows and microblading, enhancing the definition, density, and shape to achieve the most natural appearance.

Semi Permanent Lips

Our 3D lips process combines with our artistic flair in shading, outlining, infilling and beautifying to create your dream lips, perfect from every angle.

Thin, non-symmetrical, colourless lips can adopt the appearance of beautiful, full specimens, thanks to our creative use of contouring, shading, lightening and colouring.


The lip blush effect gives a subtle hint of colour and creates more definition to the lips, giving a very natural look that you can roll out of bed with


The lipstick effect is similar to the lip blush effect but with more colour saturation and greater lip definition giving you a much stronger, bolder look.

Semi Permanent eyeliner

Your eyeliner is your secret weapon. It’s the statement that says ‘look at me’, and adds the drama to your make up.

With our permanent eyeliner technique, we can draw a precise, perfect pigment line exactly how you like it. We can even give a slight uplift to the outer corners of your eyes to help you achieve a more youthful appearance.


The lash line enhancement creates the effect of thicker, luscious lashes by tattooing one solid line in the upper lash line.


Standard eyeliner creates the appearance of larger eyes by intensifying the effect of the lash line enhancement with an additional solid-filled line up to 4mm.


Perma Blend ♥️ Tina Davies pigments have been designed and developed specifically for permanent makeup procedures by one of the most respected brands in the game...World Famous Tattoo Ink!

Established in 2014, Permablend is quickly rising to the top in the permanent cosmetic market.

Perma Blend ♥️ Tina Davies and Perma Blend have created I Love Ink, the perfect selection of eyebrow colors that need no modification. Sterile and Vegan 100% safe and cruelty-free. These pigments have never been tested on animals and do not contain animal by-products

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