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Monophasic Soft Gel Dermal Fillers

Monophasic Soft Gel Dermal Fillers

From £160 per 1ml

Soft Fillers (SF) are characterised by a soft, fully-hydrated particle which ensures very easy application of the product. The gel spreads quickly and evenly and the volumising effect is obtained immediately. Thanks to an innovative production method, the Hyaluronic acid is surrounded by a water coating. This is why the particles do not absorb water after injection and there is minimal swelling after treatment. The desired volumising effect is obtained immediately due to the gel’s characteristics. The effects of the treatment last on average between 6 to 12 months.

Used for treatment of the following indications:

lines and wrinkles - glabella - cheek lines - forehead lines - nasolabial - marionette lines - vermillion border - tear trough - crow's feet - perioral lines - neck lines - acne scars - lip augmentation - hand rejuvenation - cheek volumization - jawline

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