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“Pure Blue” Facial

“Pure Blue” Facial

Ice Blue Oxygen Hydrafacial


Prices start from ONLY £60

Being a Results Driven Asethetic Clinic, our Signature facial, “Pure Blue” Hydrafacial is a perfect, affordable, advanced facial treatment that we offer.

This Advance facial offers vast treatment flexibility:

* Regular facial treatment or course of Treatments

* Ideal treatment before an Aesthetic procedure

* One off treatment, to clean & clear or settle the skin

* 1st step before starting a course of advanced facials

* Hydration treatment

* Clean & Clear treatment

* Anti Ageing

* Can be used in combination with other treatments

* Maintenance treatment and/or post advanced treatment


* Anti Ageing

* Fine lines and wrinkles

* Collagen stimulation

* Acne

* Pigmentation

* Inflammation and Redness

* Suitable for all skin tones & conditions

* Long lasting hydration

* Immediate, radiant results

* Effortless and painless extractions

* Balance skin

Each step involves a full treatment to achieve the best results:

1. Analyse Skin

2. Detox

3. Cleanse

4. Lip & Eye Treatment

5. Exfoliating Peel

6. Skin scrubber to remove dead skin and clean the epidermis

8. Extract with Hydra Dermabrasion

9. Treatment serum

10. Hydration treatment

11. Ultrasonic Vitamin C Treatment

12. RF, Skin Tightening

13. Cryo-Therapy Rejuvenation

14. Oxygen spray

15. Final Treatment

16. Moisturiser

17. SPF

This treatment is carried out using our trusted Cliniccare Skin Care range & My Filler, Best Product Of The Year, 2 years running, Serum(s).

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