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Cavitation Succes

Cavitation Succes

Posted on August 12th, 2022.

This client came into Aesthetic & Beauty for Ultrasound Fat Loss Cavitation recently.

The treatment is designed to break down fat cells under the skin by use of Ultrasound waves. The body 'flushes' out the waste naturally.

This client was having issues with loose skin after weight loss, so we carried out the Cavitation treatment as a prelude to HiFu laser treatment to tighten up the loose skin.

As you can see, the cavitation treatment has already dramatically changed the texture of her skin, by removing the excesses that were causing the 'wrinkles'. We also carried out the treatment using pure collage rather than ultrasound gel, to feed the skin during treatment.

The treatment resulted in 1" lost from waist & 1" for hips immediately after the cavitation treatment. Her skin has already begun to lift & tighten and you can see the change in the shape of her 'tummy apron'.

These photos were taken on the day of the cavitation treatment (left) and the day after (right) and sent to us by the client.

Ultrasound Fat Loss Cavitation is suitable for both men & women and can be targeted to certain areas. Most commonly we treat tummy (tummy apron, beer belly), thighs, upper arms (bingo wings), and back fat (think bra bulges).

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