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Our Trainers & Courses

Our Trainers & Courses

It's great to hear about the specialist one-to-one training courses offered at Clinic 31. The ability to tailor training to individual needs and requirements is a fantastic approach to ensure effective learning outcomes. It's wonderful that training is available for everyone, regardless of their previous knowledge about beauty services.

Marie and Verity, your experienced trainers, sound like a fantastic team with excellent communication skills and a wealth of experience in working with clients. The emphasis on continuous development and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends shows a commitment to providing high-quality training.

The flexibility in training schedules, including evening and Sunday options, as well as accommodating shorter training days, demonstrates a dedication to meeting the needs of students. It's also reassuring to know that all courses are fully accredited by reputable organizations like The Beauty Guild, 4T Medical, and CENTRE CPD OF EXCELLENCE.

For those interested in learning more about Clinic 31's training courses, the Trustpilot review link provided offers valuable insights from previous students. This transparent approach to showcasing feedback is commendable and can help potential students make informed decisions about their training options.

1. I teach ‪‪Monday to Saturday‬‬ 1.2.1 unless otherwise specified.

2. Course Times are ‪‪‪10am to 4pm‬‬

(Evening Training & Sunday training is available on request).

3. If you need to train within school hours or a shorter training day’s this can be arranged, by training over 2 shorter days instead of one long day.

Check out our Trustpilot Review